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Duncan's Pits

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Stud Contract


Duncan’s Pits

Stud Contract

  1. Female must be negative of any DISEASE and have benn seen by a Veterinary Clinc within a week of the breeding. Must have a NEGATIVE BRUCELLOSIS .
  2. Female must be in second heat or later
  3. A copy of Registration Number andRegistration Paperwork.
  4. The owner of the female warrants that the female has not been exposed to any other stud dog prior to or after beeing breed to one of DUNCAN'S PITS males.
  5. The Stud Depost fee is_______ to be paid when the female is deliverd by the owner.  The rest when the puppys are whelped. (Four breedings will be attemped.) Stud Fee Depost is non Refundable.
  6. We will supply all photographs of breeding at owner of dam request.
  7. If Female fails to conceive a return service will happen at no charge. Owner of female must notifie Duncan's Pits within 14 Days of scheduled whelping date.
  8. Then the litter registration will be filled out for what ever Registration the dog is. (ADBA UKC)

The owner of the female hereby releases responsibilty to Duncan's Pits from any liabilities and/or damages to said female while in the care of Duncan's Pits.                        The above agreement is made and singed this ______Day of ______ 20____ by DUNCAN'S PITS  ____________________and the owner of the female_________________.

This Contract shall be consider a legally binding contract If any legal bill the owner of female will pay bills.

Owner Of Dam: ________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP: _____________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Phone: (_____) _______-_______

~~Stud Info~~


Price $______________Deposit $_______ Balance $______

Owner Of Dam Signature __________________________________________

Owner of Stud Signature ____________________________________________

Date ______________

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If you have illegal purposes in mind for any of our dogs then this site is not for you!DO NOT INQUIRE!!